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Basic info

The Homework tester system is an e-mail address where you can submit exercises.


If you send an email to this address then the tester will

  • select emails (it won't accept certain emails),
  • validate the submission, including:
    • does the given exercise exist?
    • is the deadline passed?
    • is it a submission at all?
  • then the submission will be testes with some test cases, determined by the teacher.
  • finally an answer email (or emails) will be sent, including the achieved score.
    • These scores are not to be taken literally. The teacher can decide how to interpret them.
    • The teacher may use subjective grading,
    • they can give partial credit,
    • or just accept the perfect score.


  • hazi@math.bme.hu accepts incoming emails from a predefined list of users. Use your math account!
  • A submission can contain one or more attachment files.
  • If you don't attach any file, then it is not a submission.
    • This means that you shouldn't write your solution into the body of the email or in the subject.
  • Every attachment is considered an exercise.
  • The exercise is determined by the filename of the attachment.
    • For example, if you attach a brownian.py file then the system checks whether there is an exercise called brownian. If so, then it will test your file and answer with the results.
    • It is advised to attach an empty file with the same filename as the exercise, just for test purposes.


If a deadline is determined, then your email should arrive by the deadline. It means that the received date is the important, not the sent date! This applies to the timezone as well, meaning that a submission from Dublin (UTC) at midnight will miss the Budapest (CET) deadline at midnight by an hour.

The timezone (and deadline) of the exercise depends on the teacher (CET or UTC+1 is advised).

The tests may run after the deadline and the answer emails may be late, but that is not considered a missed deadline.


If you have any questions about the exercises or the results write an email to your teacher, not hazi@math.bme.hu.

Try to send an empty file if you don't know what the exercise is.

If you don't attach any file or your email's subject starts with OFF or the subject contains the word help then your email is not considered a submission, but you will bet some useful info back.

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