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General information

  • Teacher
    • Kristóf Kovács (kkovacs)

Every mathemtaician at the university has a homepage and an email address with their username:

  • For a user named someone:
    • email:
    • honlap:
  • Lectures:
    • Monday 10:15-11:00 H207
  • Practice:
    • Monday 14:15-15:45 H507


Written exams

  • First exam: October 2. 16:00 E1C
    • Repeat exam: October 16. 16:00 R504
  • Second exam: October 30. 16:00 E1A
    • Repeat exam: November 13. 16:00 H607
  • Third exam: December 4. 16:00 K174
    • Repeat exam: December 11. 14:00 H601





You can talk about your homework, you can help each other, but everybody has to write their own code, their own homework itself.

To hand in your homework send your answers to tofihomework AT gmail DOT com. Everyone should hand in their homeworks through their own mathematics institude email address ( (webmail, login with your linux username and password, how to change the language of the webmail interface). Homeworks sent from other email addresses will recieve a point penalty.

The subject of the email should follow this convention:

T1_HW<number of the homework>_<username>

For example if I were to hand in the second homework, the subject would be:


If you're attaching files to your homework, you should follow the same naming convention (E.g. "T1_HW2_kkovacs1.txt", "T1_HW2_kkovacs2.txt"...)

  • If you have any questions about the grading of your homeworks you should write to the same tofihomework AT gmail DOT com address.
  • If you have any questions about the homework itself, you're stuck, or not sure what to do, you should write to me: kkovacs AT math DOT bme DOT hu

Actual homeworks

Személyes eszközök