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Latex mathematical formulas


Reproduce the following in latex:

a_{11}x_1 + a_{12}x_2 + \ldots + a_{1n}x_n &\leq b_1\\
a_{21}x_1 + a_{22}x_2 + \ldots + a_{2n}x_n &\leq b_2\\
a_{m1}x_1 + a_{m2}x_2 + \ldots + a_{mn}x_n &\leq b_m

where x_i \geq 0 \, \forall i=1,2,\ldots,n. The form of the objective function:

z = c_1x_1 + c_2x_2 + \ldots + c_nx_n \Rightarrow \mathop{max} \text{ or } \mathop{min}

The same with vectors and matrices:

\overrightarrow{x} &\geq 0\\
A\overrightarrow{x} &\leq \overrightarrow{b}\\
z=\overrightarrow{c}^T\overrightarrow{x}&\Rightarrow\text{max vagy min}

Matrices, tables

Try the tabular environment with different aligns! Create a 3x3 matrix with all kinds of brackets. Try to do an nxn matrix as well for example, try to create this formula from wikipedia: matrix.

Theorems, definitions

Let's do some theorems. For that append this to the preamble:

  • Create a new threorem style environment!
  • Try the different styles (remark, theorem, definition)!

Labels, references

Create references to your theorems:

Theorem text
In Theorem \ref{thm:sample_thm} we...

Floating pictures

    \caption{Awesome Image}

Change the placement (h,t,p,b,!,H)!


BibTeX is a package to create nice looking bibliographies. Create a test bibliography using these sites:,

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