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7 points

The task is to typeset one (or more) of your homeworks in LaTeX. Format the exercises and your solutions as well, chose some of your previous Algebra or Calculus homeworks.

Mandatory elements (3 points):

  • It has to be between 1.5 and 2 pages long.
    • Use \maketitle for the title
  • Use article documentclass and A4 papersize.
  • Use the (default) lmodern font
  • Leave the margin, line spacing and font size to the default values.
  • Write at least 5 formulas (display style or inline math mode)
  • Don't use any extra spaces or newlines to make empty space.
  • The file should be compiled with pdflatex without any error messages.

Optionals (4 points):

  • Make the formulas as complicated as you can: integrals, limits, matrices ...
  • Use theorem-like environments, example: Exercise, Theorem, Proof
  • Use \labels and references and/or bibliography
  • Use floating objects like tables or pictures.

Handing in

Send the .tex sourcefile and the produced .pdf to the usual address.



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