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Write a LaTeX document with a TikZ picture in it. You can draw anything you want but you have to use TikZ. 4 points



       \draw[->] (0,0) -- (1,-1) ;
   \caption{What is this?}

Hungarian lecture slides may help.


  • A trade logo
  • a traffic sign
  • doodle house
  • a chess piece
  • You can draw a mathematical diagram or figure like these:


Mandatory elements:

  • It has to fit one page
  • Use documentclass article and A4 paper-size.
  • Should compile with pdflatex without any errors.
  • Cross at least two lines.
    • Actually they can meet at a corner, they don't have to intersect
  • Use circle or arc
  • Use at least one color (except black)
  • You can use includegraphics but that doesn't count in the points

Handing in

  • Attach the .tex and .pdf files as usual.
  • If you used includegraphics then attach the included picture, too.
  • Deadline 2019. December 19th, 23:59:59
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