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Running python

On leibniz

  • Type python into the terminal (konsole)
    • type exit() to exit.
  • start a Spyder (GUI graphical user interface)
  • notebook: type the following into the terminal:
   ipython notebook --port=##### --no-browser --ip=

where ##### is a custom integer between 9000 and 20000. Then see localhost:##### in your internet browser.

Own machine

Install Anaconda, version 2.7 is needed! It is advised to put it in the PATH.

  • from terminal: python or ipython
  • it comes with Spyder
  • Notebook: type jupyter notebook into terminal
    • exit with Ctrl+C


  • Try the notebook from the lecture.
  • Start Sypder and write a short (but annoyingly polite) welcoming program.
  • Try the welcoming program from terminal!
  • Log in to cloudcoder and change your initial password.
    • Try any of the Lab 01 exercises!

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