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Lab No.7


Define a class called Piece. This will represent a chess piece (a figure on the chessboard). Store its position and its color (Black/White) and its __repr__ function should write the position like A2, G3 etc. Store the position as integers.

  • Define child classes King and Pawn!
  • Implement their __repr__ method which also prints the type of the figure. (You can implement it in the parent class, too)
  • Every child class should have a .move(pos) method, where pos is a string like A3, G2 etc. Move the piece to that position if it is accepted by the chess rules. If the move was successful return True otherwise False!
  • Define a PieceMoveError exception. If the move is not allowed, then raise this exception!

Implement the Board class. Store the list of figures.

  • Make an add method which puts a figure on the table.
  • Implement a move(pos1, pos2) method in Board which moves a figure from one position to the other, if the move is allowed (handle the PieceMoveError exception).
    • Mind that there may be an other figure on the pos2 position. If the target position is occupied with the same player's figure, then the move is not allowed. If the target is the other player's figure, then remove their figure and replace it with the new figure (its a capture).
    • Its easier if you implement an .occupied(pos) method first, which tells whether a given position is occupied or not.
  • Implement the other pieces: Knight, Rook, Bishop and Queen!
    • Start with the Rook, its move is the simplest. Mind that the figure cannot pass through existing figures!
    • Implement the Knight class! The Knight and Queen can jump through other figures, so its not a problem for them.
    • After the bishop its not hard to implement Queen.
  • Define a check method in Board. Return the color of the player who's King is in a chess position, or empty string of there is no chess position!
    • Modify the Board's move method not to allow self-checks (when the active player makes its own King into a chess)!
  • Implement the __repr__ method of Board!

After all these, implement the start method which assigns the board to a starting position.


  • Make a chess game in command line: read the moves of the players with raw_input and print the board after each step. The white player starts and mind that the same player cannot move twice.
  • Try it from command line

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