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Informatics 2

General informations

  • Lecturer and labs: Gábor Borbély borbely
  • Lecture
    • Thursday 9:15-10:00 H601
  • Lab
    • Thursday 12:15-13:45 H601
  • Requirements.


  1. midterm: March 4th, 4pm, room E1C pdf
    • repetition: March 26th, 6pm-7pm, room T601/2
  2. midterm: April 8th, 6pm-7pm, room E1A
  3. midterm: May 13th,

Lab room

The room H507 has a magnetic card lock but it will be open during the labs. If you want to use it off the class, then you can request a card from Ibolya Elekné Barna. You will have to leave a 2000HUF deposit. Please return the card if it is no longer necessary. Also, you can work on your own computer or use a remote login, please ask for help if needed. The room H601 is opened only for the lectures.


On the labs and mostly on the homeworks we will use the following tool.


The lectures can be read in html format or you can run them as jupyter notebook.

  1. Getting started html ipynb
  2. Programming paradigms html ipynb
  3. Functions html ipynb
  4. Data types html ipynb
  5. Strings and formatting html ipynb
  6. OOP I. html ipynb
  7. OOP II. html ipynb


  1. lab
  2. lab
  3. lab
  4. lab
  5. lab
  6. lab
  7. lab
  8. lab
  9. lab
  10. lab


0th Homework

  1. Homework
  2. Homework
  3. Homework
  4. Homework
  5. Homework
  6. Homework
  7. Homework
  8. Homework
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