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A lap korábbi változatát látod, amilyen Wettl (vitalap | szerkesztései) 2020. február 17., 11:25-kor történt szerkesztése után volt.


General informations

  • Lecturer: Ferenc Wettl (wettl)
  • Labs: Gábor Borbély (borbely)
  • Lecture
    • Monday 9:15-10:00 H601
  • Lab
    • Wednesday 12:15-14:00 (H507)
    • Thursday 12:15-14:00 (H601)


Course Requirements


The midterms will worth 20 points each. You have to reach a minimum of 10 points in every midterm!

  1. midterm: 9th March, Monday 4pm-5pm
  2. midterm: 6th April, Monday 4pm-5pm
  3. midterm: 18th May, Monday 4pm-5pm

Quick Quiz

At the beginning of every lab, there will be a Kahoot quiz, testing the previous material.

  • The maximum point (for the semester) is 10
  • You have to reach a minimum of 5
  • There will be 5 extra quizzes, so the 100% is actually 10 points out of 15!


The lectures can be read in html format or you can run them as jupyter notebook.

  1. Getting started with Python ipynb html
  2. Loops and lists ipynb html


We will use on the labs. You can start a similar notebook with the command jupyter notebook on your computer (if it is installed).

  1. lab
  2. lab
  3. lab
  4. lab
  5. lab
  6. lab
  7. lab
  8. lab
  9. lab
  10. lab
  11. lab
  12. lab
  13. lab


  • There will be 40 points of homeworks during the semester
    • 30 points is considered a 100% so there is 10 points of extra homework
    • You have to reach at least 15 points at the end of the semester
  • You have to submit the homeworks to
  • Use your math account!
  • The exercises should be submitted as an attachment file with the same name as the exercise.

For example, the exercise fahrenheit should be submitted by sending an email to the given address (before the deadline) with an attachment, a plain text file containing your code.

You can read more about the homework tester system.

  • 0. homework
  1. homework
  2. homework
  3. homework
  4. homework
  5. homework
  6. homework
  7. homework
  8. homework
  9. homework
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