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How to


Download WinSCP (or another SFTP client). Use the host name and your linux username and password. It might ask for some security certificate, just answer yes.

On the new screen you should see two file systems, on the left is your local machine, while on the right is the server, you can simply drag files from one side to the other to download / upload them.


Open a terminal, navigate to the folder where you want to download the files. The command:

scp ./

should download the index.html file to your local folder (it'll ask for your password, and of course you need to use your own username). And the command:

scp ./index.html

should upload your local index.html to the server.


Download Fugu (or another SFTP client). Use the host name and your linux username and password. Downloading and uploading files should work like on windows (above).

Or you can do it through console like those one linux.

How to hand in the homework

Send me an email to with a link to your homepage.


If you weren't present at the practical this is a good template for a blank html webpage:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
        <meta charset="utf-8">
            Title of the page

You can find a sample page here: sample (right click -> view page source)

  1. Provide a title to your homepage e.g.: Homepage of XY (title tag).
  2. Write a welcome messege for your homepage (h1, h2, etc. tags).
  3. Write a short CV for your homepage, it doesn't have to be perfect, but try to use nice formatting with div, p, table, list tags.
  4. Write some links, maybe a list of links (ol, ul, dl these are list tags), you can write links that point to useful sites, or someone else's homepage. (a tag for links)
  5. Put a picture on your homepage, it should be a picture of you, but for the sake of practice it can be anything.
  6. Create another page (a separate .html file), on this page create a table with your current timetable. Provide a link on your main page (index.html) that points to this page. And another from this timetable page to the main page.
  7. Validate your page with the validator, green means okay, if there are some red errors, try to correct those.


Create a new file in the public_html folder named style.css, open this file and index.html as well.

You can find samples for the CSS codes here: html, css. You can also find a documentation of CSS here.

  1. First write an inline CSS code inside your index.html, change the font size somewhere ( style = "font-size:large" )
  2. Create some spans in your index.html, give a class to some of them. ( class = "emphasize" )
  3. Link the style.css into your index.html and your timetable.html as well. ( <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"> into the head tag )
  4. Using the style.css make it so that the spans with the class emphasize are itallic.
  5. Now let all text inside pharagraphs (p tags) be itallic.
  6. Now there's no difference between the emphasized and the normal text, so change the emphasized class to be bold.
  7. Try to align some tags, for example the title to the center. Use id for the title, since it will be unique anyway.
  8. Now let's switch to the timetable. Create a significant margin for the talbe heads (<th> tag). (You might have to remove the border="1" from the html file.)
  9. Create borders for your table, don't make it black, try out different looks.
  10. Switch back to the index.html. Change the decoration of the lists, for example make the numbers roman numerals.
  11. Change the links, for example remove the underline, create different colors.

How the points are calculated

  • Your webpage is validated (green) with both validators: html, css (1 point)
  • Separate CSS file (style.css) (1 point)
  • Meaningful content, not randomly generated text (1 point)

  • At least one title (h1, h2,...) (1 point)
  • Links (1 point)
  • CSS selector (class, id), use at least one of each (1 point)
  • Table, at least 12 cells, this should be your timetable, link from the main page (index.html) to this timetable (1 point)
  • Complex tables, merged rows / columns, formatted cells, at least one of these 3. (1 point)
  • Pictures, linked if possible with a local URL (you'll have to upload the picture next to the index.html) (1 point)

8 points is the maximum that can be achieved, so you can fail one of these and still have max points.

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