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Reproduce the following pdf document using latex: homework5.pdf

In the email attach the .tex and the .pdf files only.


These are the commands that we didn't use on the practical or the lecture, but are still required to create some of the formulas in the homework:

\lim        % limit, example: \lim_{x\to \infty}
\in         % element symbol
\notin      % element symbol striked through
\cos        % cosinus
\sin        % sinus
\cdot       % center dot (to emphasize multiplication
\qquad      % big space in math mode
\mapsto     % "maps to" arrow
\backslash  % backwards slash: \
\ln         % logarithm
\prod       % product
\sqrt[k]{n} % kth root of n
\min        % minimum
\max        % maximum

For most sections I used the align* environment to write stuff in multiple lines, using the following format:

&formula1 &&formula2 &&formula3, \\
&formula4 &&formula5 &&formula6

The first & aligns the formulas, and every second & creates some whitespace between the formulas.

I used the following format for the cases enviroment:

function \qquad x \mapsto \begin{cases}
value1, &\text{ if } condition1 \text{ and } condition2 \\
value2, &\text{ if } condition2

A little help with the title: you can put a \\ (newline) command in the title as well.

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