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10 points

Your task is to create a HTML5 valid webpage with CSS. You have to check with the html validator and css validator.

You can get points according to the following rules:

  • Must-haves, you cannot get more than 3 points if you miss any of these:
    • Have a main page (index.html) and a separate CSS file linket to it (1 point)
    • Fill it with some non-random, meaningful, unique content (1 point)
    • Put the link of both of the validators into your webpage, for example on the bottom of my page: [1] (1 point)
  • Optionals
    • At least two titles (h1, h2,...) (1 point)
    • Use links (link within your page and between different webpages) (1 point)
    • CSS selectors (like class, id, hover, 1 point)
    • Make a tabular with at least 12 cells, for example your weekly schedule (1 point)
    • If you make it non-trivial that's one extra point: merged cells, custom borders
    • Put up an other html page next to index.html. Put a link from the main page to this page and back to the main page. That page have to be valid as well with the validator (1 point)
    • Use pictures, locally, not with global link (1 point)

Handing in

The webpage should be available at<username>

If you are done, send the link to the usual address ( and subject (like this: T0_HW4_borbely).


2018. October 23rd 23:59

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