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6 points

Your task is to write one of your homeworks in LaTeX. Choose a former Calculus or Algebra homework (what you have already done) and format it in LaTeX.

Must have:

  • At least one page, at most two pages
  • Use the article documentclass and A4 paper
  • The pdflatex command should not give any errors
  • Write at least 5 mathematical formulas, math mode and display math mode.
  • Don't use any extra spacing such as: space, empty lines, larger font

You can get points according to the followings:

  • More complicated formulas, the better (try matrices, integrals, limits)
  • Theorem-like environments: Theorem, Example, Proof
    • \newtheorem{thm}{Theorem}
    • \newtheorem{exmpl}{Example}
    • ...
  • Use labels and references (ref)
  • Put a table and/or picture in it

Handing in

Send both the .tex source file and the .pdf file to the usual address ( and with the usual subject (like this: A0_HW5_borbely).


2018. November 4th 23:59

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