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Implement the chess game described in Lab 08.


The perfect solution is 6 points, you can get partial points for:

  1. Have a Piece and Board class. Each piece (Pawn, Rook, Knight ...) should inherit from Piece.
  2. The pieces should be able to move according to their own rules.
  3. The pieces should not step on a position which is occupied by the same color. If a piece moves to a position occupied by the opponent's color, then the opponent's piece should be captured and removed from play.
  4. The program should ask the users for the moves and execute the appropriate moves.
  5. Start the game by the initial setup and end the game when a king is removed.
  6. First try a simplified version:
    • with only two type of pieces: pawn and king.
    • the pawn should move only forward one step.
    • The program is done when you implemented all the possible moves and only the allowed moves.
    • you don't have to implement castling.

Handing in

Send the final program as a .py file to the following address.

Use your math account, not gmail or other email. The subject of the letter should be:


For me it would be: EN0_HW5_borbely. The attached file should have the same name with a .py extension.


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