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You will need the Tree class from lecture!

New tree methods

  • Write a count(self) method to the Tree class which counts the number of nodes in the tree!
  • Write a sum(self) method which returns the sum of elements in the tree!
  • Write a height(self) method which returns the height (depth) of the tree!
  • Write an path(self) method which returns True if the tree is a long path without a junction. False otherwise. The tree is a path if all of the nodes have at most one branches.


We will improve the expression tree from the lecture. Make an empty Node class first!

  • Write its constructor with one parameter: a string containing the mathematical expression to calculate. Let's suppose for now that there are only two operations: + and * and there are no parenthesis, neither negative numbers.
    • If the string is a number, then store that number in as a float number.
    • If not then search for an operation in it. Cut the string at a + character (if found any) and store the operator in Also set self.left to the recursive result on the first part of the string (before the operation) and set the self.right to the recursive reult on the second part (after the operation).
    • Make the same with * operation
  • Write a calculate method for this class such that it calculates in order
  • Modify your calculate method such that multiplication * have higher precedence the addition +
  • Implement other operations such as - / and power: ^
  • Write a __str__ method which prints the expression
    • This was already implemented in the lecture just make it a method.
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